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Hey, Hey!!  Welcome.


ReEnvision Resources supports course creators and eductors like you as they make moves to scale their online communities, memberships, and programs.

My passion is connecting people to resources and information that shift their mindsets so that they begin advocating for themselves, executing, and not getting stuck in the learning of a thing.

That's accomplished in collaboration with you as we:

  • Reduce overwhelm with better systems, organization, and communication.

  • Reinforce culture and enhance engagement so members of your programs are retained longer


Let's talk about...

  • Your Business

  • Your Course/Program Launch

  • Your Membership & Learning Community Needs

  • How You Can Reclaim Your Time Through Services Geared Towards Course Facilitation, Community Concierge/Management, and Systems Strategy/Implementation.

Our services create a collaborative relationship with you with the ultimate goal of building better relationships with learners in your community by:


Here’s A Little Backstory On Me & How ReEnvision Resources Came To Be!

  • Unknowingly, my journey started when I became a member of an online learning community filled with enthusiastic women of color working to better themselves through financial literacy & budgeting. We were dubbed Dream Catchers.

  • I witnessed how a genuine interest in sharing wealth through sharing knowledge moved people to make small steps in one direction to achieve their own personal success and, as a result, jumped on the opportunity to be surrounded by a smaller, more focused group of (mostly) women, called Dream Builders.

  • From those two arenas, I was introduced to an exceptional women who happened to be a financial literacy and credit expert. Learning from her in her free community is what inspired me to want pay-it-forward, participate, and facilitate sharing the knowledge that she had given me.

  • What she does is beyond Ahh-Maa-Zing. One day, after seeing a “We’re Hiring” notice posted in the discussion feed, I decided I wanted to work for her. I wasn’t qualified to do so at the time (for that posting) I continued to absorb knowledge like a sponge, ask questions and echo the message that allowed me to be of service to others.

  • Apparently that got me noticed, lol.

  • From there, serving in a recognized volunteer role as a moderator in her newly launched  membership community opened up so many resources, opportunities to access courses on a variety of topics taught by leaders in their fields (sharing the same values)...and planted, in me, the seed of entrepreneurship.

  • 5 months later, after being passed on for other roles that became open within the company, one was created that matched her needs and my interests. I was on-boarded as Community Manager! (( What’s up Wealth Creators?!?))

ReEnvision Resources supports you so that you can do more of what you’re passionate about...more of what’s allowed you to evolve and shine as a leader in your field.


Our services mold seamlessly around your need for filling a Community Management Role on your team.


ReEnvision Resources also serves through:

Course Facilitation
Creative Video Tweaks & Overlays

Retention & On-boarding Strategy  

Content Delivery Strategy

SOP Development



Let’s Start Collaborating!

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